I don´t want you back will be played in Usa

Today my song “I don´t want you back” will be played on 0100 Splash radio in Usa. https://0100splashradio.com/
It will rotate in their playlist and yesterday they asked me to record a jingle where I present myself and the song.
Here it is, “I don´t want you back”:








Release of 50 miles

Since the release it has been a lot of radiointerviews.
25/1 Skärgårdsradion
25/1 Radio Åland
28/1 Radio Vega, Finland
29/1 Radio Lidingö
and yesterday they played my songs in radio sigtuna.

There were some rewiews in the papers too.
The album also got a really nice rewiew in Ålands paper!
That means a lot cause I love Mariehamn and this Summer I´m going there 5/7 to play in Mariehamns church.


Album release today!

My new album “50 miles” is here today! It feels great and a bit scary!
This is a new style, very different from my last album.
Stefan Blomqvist and I have arranged the songs together and it´s a lot more soul in it!
It has already got a lot of attention in the Radio both in Sweden and abroad.
Here it is, “50 miles”:


Release “50 miles”

My new album “50 miles” will be released on Friday.
You can hear intervjues on my radiotour:
Tuesday 22/1 Radio Lidingö, ca 18.20
Wednesday 23/1 Malmökanalen, ca 13.15
Wednesday 23/1 Radio Gällivare ca 11.30
Friday 25/1 Ålands Radio, 9.10 (8.10 svensk tid)
Friday 25/1 Skärgårdsradion



Single released today

Today the single “I don´t want you back” is released in 78 countries!
The song is quite different from my last songs and a prelisten from my album that will be released in 25 January.

You can listen here:


Live from the studio

The album “50 miles” will be out in January after a long process of composing, recording, mixing and performing.
I wanted to show you my work from the studio so I recorded a song called “I don´t want you back” and put it on YouTube today.

Here is the song “I don´t want you back” with only grand piano and singing:
Stefan Blomquist on the grand piano:



Kenneth Gärdestads last edited song “Måla mig i akvarell” (released in October) that we composed together now has over 30 000 plays on spotify.
It will be included on the album.
The whole album will be out in January but before that I will release a single and a Youtube song.


New Single “50 miles” today

Today my latest song “50 miles” is released.
This pop/soul song contains Asian cello melodies and the song is about trying to reach something greater though it´s already there.
“It´s only 50 miles away but I´m not getting closer”



Releases and concerts

Thank you for coming to my concert on Vendelsö this Tuesday! It was a great event with a good sound system. It´s very different what the sounds look like in the venues depending on the equipment.
Now I´m looking forward to next single released on Friday 23/11.

Photo from Vendelsö Church 13/11