Thank´s for coming to my concert on Åland this Saturday!
The church was amazing and the audience really listened intense to the concert! The intimacy of A grand piano, the audience and me, that is what I love most!

On Thursday 8/8 I play with Hasse Larsson again. St Eriks kapell, Kungsholmen at 19. Then I will go back to Åland and play at Stadsbiblioteket in Mariehamn at 18 and 20 on Friday 9/8.
I hope we´ll meet again!

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Performance on Wednesday

Today Hasse Larsson was here and we rehearseled.
He plays the bass and sings the choirs.
He remembered his parts very good. It was nice to see him, we haven´t met since January.
Our next perfomance is on Wednesday 17/7 at Västerleds Kyrka.
Here is an article from my performance at Sorunda.

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Studio tomorrow

Tomorrow I am going to the studio.
I have composed some new songs in Swedish and tomorrow we will look at them to see which to record on my next album.
Hopefully we can start record this Autumn.
During the Summer I am going to perform both in Sweden and Åland.

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On Sunday May 5th I´m going to perform at a Wedding Concert.
Since no one is getting married it seems quite odd.
However, we are going to play love songs so if you are looking for nice songs for your Wedding you can come and be inspired.

Sunday May 5th 18.00 St Görans church Kungsholmen

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New music

Right now I am booking concerts for the Summer.
I will play on Åland this year which will be very exciting!

The album “50 miles” has been played a lot. The most popular song “Måla mig i akvarell” has over 67 000 plays on Spotify!
The runner up “I don´t want you back” has over 18 000 plays and it has been played on the radio in Usa!

Here is one of my favorite songs from the album:
“My soul is so empty”


I don´t want you back will be played in Usa

Today my song “I don´t want you back” will be played on 0100 Splash radio in Usa. https://0100splashradio.com/
It will rotate in their playlist and yesterday they asked me to record a jingle where I present myself and the song.
Here it is, “I don´t want you back”:








Release of 50 miles

Since the release it has been a lot of radiointerviews.
25/1 Skärgårdsradion
25/1 Radio Åland
28/1 Radio Vega, Finland
29/1 Radio Lidingö
and yesterday they played my songs in radio sigtuna.

There were some rewiews in the papers too.
The album also got a really nice rewiew in Ålands paper!
That means a lot cause I love Mariehamn and this Summer I´m going there 5/7 to play in Mariehamns church.


Album release today!

My new album “50 miles” is here today! It feels great and a bit scary!
This is a new style, very different from my last album.
Stefan Blomqvist and I have arranged the songs together and it´s a lot more soul in it!
It has already got a lot of attention in the Radio both in Sweden and abroad.
Here it is, “50 miles”:


Release “50 miles”

My new album “50 miles” will be released on Friday.
You can hear intervjues on my radiotour:
Tuesday 22/1 Radio Lidingö, ca 18.20
Wednesday 23/1 Malmökanalen, ca 13.15
Wednesday 23/1 Radio Gällivare ca 11.30
Friday 25/1 Ålands Radio, 9.10 (8.10 svensk tid)
Friday 25/1 Skärgårdsradion