To be

Life is like a stage, you grow up and try to please your audience to get love.
“People find peace through get confirmation, we can not exist when the audience is gone…”
I asked Janne Schaffer to play the guitar on this song. Janne has played with ABBA, Ted Gärdestad, Electric Banana Band and others..I love his feeling!
He told me he would like to play on it but he wanted to have a guitarsolo somewhere and so I gave him one.

So good, Bratz

I saw the song “So good” with Rock Angels on You tube. I liked it and wanted to do it in my style. I arranged a cellopart, I wanted to have a pitch rise in the middle to give it a lift and then I performed it. This is from my concert at Berns.

Sofia Ullman – It Matters Now

This is a love song. I don´t usually right love songs but this is one of them. Some memories came up and I was a bit nostalgic when I wrote it….

Sofia Ullman – Save Me

Sofia Ullman – When the Rain

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