New thinking

Right now I´m composing songs mostly with an R´n´b and funk touch. BUT I decided I might change genre a bit to go more to direction pop. It would feel nice and fresh starting over with a genre that will be more suitable for my voice. Well, actually it wasn´t my idea. The thoughts started coming up after I performed songs for the producer I will cooperate with. The songs we agreed on recording was more pop than r´n´b. And it just feels really right doing this. One of the most important things to me when I´m composing a song is the melody, not only for the vocal but also for the instruments. It can be a bass loop, guitar riff, piano melody or anything but the melody is important. In r´n´b the foundation is more about rythms.
Well, after my decition, (which is not written in stone yet. 🙂 ) I composed another popsong and it felt really good. Lets  see what happens while my thoughts are in this process of developing something new……

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