From the airport

Right now I´m at the airport on my way to London. The plane is 2 hours late!!
I have been kind of busy lately so I didn´t tell you more about the single album I started recording. We started recording last weekend. The producer is a great musician, producer and songwriter and his name is Anders Dannvik. He has composed songs for The Eurovision Song Conntest and he has composed songs for some famous Japanees artists. He also worked with some swedish artists. You can read more about his work on

Anders has also been my pianoteacher. He encouraged me a lot and has helped me developing as an artist and musician. Now we are working togheter and it feels great.
Last weekend we started to build up 3 songs, starting with drums and base. We diskuss the sounds for the songs while recording. When we had the foundation ready we started with the vocals. Anders pushed me to take some difficult keys with my voice, which I really liked. I want to develope and he is good at helping me out. When we finished the foundation of the 3 songs we discovered that one of the songs needed a bridge. (A part in the middle that is different from the rest of the song). I felt some pressure then trying to come up with a bridge before going to London. We even spoke today about the bridge before I left. The reason for hurrying with it is that Anders will send the songs to a guitarist that will do some recordings for the weekend while I´m gone.
When I come home I will be excited to hear it.

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