Guitar ideas

Today Anders showed me the guitar that was added on 2 of the songs while I was in London. The gutiarist didn´t get much of directions more than to play pop, r´n´b with a modern sound and play a lot with it. We wanted to see what he could manage.The first song ”I heard you” was great, by my opinion. It was a lot of cool effects and small fills on the guitar that sounds fresh and cool. On the other song I thought the guitar was a little bit to jazzy and kind and generally I wanted more ”oa oa” guitar (I have no clue how to spell it).
Anders came up with a great idea. He did a variation on Snoop Doggy Doggs synth/vocal-sound and recorded my voice, then he mixed it with a synth sound and put some effects on it. It sounded great!
We worked on the song ”If I say so” and he cut it so we got a whole version of it with recorded song.
Tomorrow we will continue with Choir and lead vocals on the song ”I heard you”.

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