Performance and my single cd

My 3 songs are now recorded. Jippi! Anders Dannvik has done a great job and the songs are really good hits. For the ballad I arranged a violin part and my friend Helena recorded it here in my studio. Then I sent all the tracks on the song to Anders and we put some more strings on it and put an untuned piano on it.
Maybe it sounds strange with an untuned piano but the thing is that it was a great compliment for the strings, the ballad has a modern sound now.
Since Anders and I are friends he has helped me quite much to guide me in the musicjungle. I also have some requests to attend a music competition and to play a Christmas song on the radio.
And in 3 weeks I will have a concert on the Hotel where we recorded my musicvideo.
I think it will be mostly ballads cause I will sit by the piano.
So if you want to be there it is in Haninge at the hotel right beside the station.

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