The greatest guitarist ever visiting me at home

After a few weeks of practising, planning, dancing and auditions I had to follow a dream I have had for awhile. One of the greatest guitarists I know has played with Abba, Electric Banana Band, Ted Gärdestad and others. I love the way he plays: He puts a lot of feeling into the strings and out comes the greatest sound of passionated tunes, often improvised. Without minding wich key to play in, cause he can play almost everything in any key. The way he composes his music is like fine art cause he uses the different chords in his very own way and often I can´t know which way the tunes will end up.

His name is Janne Schaffer.

My friend Martin knows him since he met him some years ago to follow his musical career. so Martin called and asked if we could see him and a few days later we sat on a café and listened to the stories of his touring-life. It was an adventure to hear about and at the end Janne and I gave eachother our records. I told him that I really would love to play with him. Some days later he called me and said that he liked my songs and wanted to have a ”jam” with me.

It was a great thing for me that I would get play with such a great musical model! Some days after calling me he was here in my apartment. He brought a really really big guitar amplifier and a lot of pedals. I couldn’t even lift the amplifier!  We brought all the heavy stuff from the taxi to the apartement and started to unpack it. (He had some flight patches on it becuase he flew the day before). And then we started to play. He could play anything in any key and it just felt great!

I asked if he wanted scores for the songs and he said that he likes to use his ear and just improvise it. And he did it great! we played some of my songs and some Ted Gärdestad and I had some favourites  from his record that we played. And all the time he kept impovising with a great feeling in every tune! Then (during the dinner) we listened to his latest record containing songs he composed for a film with Lasse Åberg that will come out on Christmas day. The cd contained other songs too from other films. Most of the songs composed by him but some weren’t and I could tell which of them that he had done.

Then we ended the evening and we carried away all the heavy stuff back to the taxi. It was a great night!
One of the best songs that he plays (accoring to my opinion) is ””Brusa högre lilla å” :

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