Filming at Satelliten

There is so much to do right now that I have less time to play but this weekend I will make it up.
Probably the last scenes have just been recorded to my video.
We were at Arena Satelliten in Sollentuna. Satelliten has a big stage where my brother works as a lighting technician and he helped us with the light. It took quite a while to put up all the lamps!
We got sunstrips (A kind of fluorescent lamp that flashes) and different lights. Mostly we wanted different shades of red. I danced, crawled and sang on the stage very slow to fit with the music.
We already had so many effects that we decided not to use a smoke machine, We filmed some hours while the music came out of the speakers.
It was a great feeling being on the stage alone and that is what the song is about so that´s suitable. 🙂
We finished late in the evening, really tired!
I have´nt seen anything of the clips yet so I´m very curious.

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