The day after

It is the day after my concert at Berns. It´s always the same feeling after a concert,. Emptiness…
Before every concert I practice for so many hours. I have practiced this slowly, fast, the hardest parts, changed the order, played it on different pianos, played it without the vocals, sang the vocals without the music and played it blindfolded. I have done a lot of arranging work and also administrative and commersial work.
I am always nervous before a concert but at the moment I step out on the stage I feel free. It is like magic.
I began the concert by playing ”A brand new day” and then I presented Emma Lindahamre. Emma is a very proficient cellist. She has toured with Brian Wilson from Beach Boys, Christer Sjögren, Charlotte Perelli and other artists. She plays with such a skill and a lot of emotions. Love it!
We played ”It matters now”, that I recorded a musicvideo of that you can see on youtube.
We played and then I told the audience about life and the music, they listened and followed it with big eyes.
I wanted to give them a music and emotional journey and I hope I did.
We played two Sets with songs I have composed and afterwards I felt emotionally exhausted but excited at the same time. I walked around and talked to the audience and then I took three of my friends upstairs to the ”Joe Labero” barn. We sat there a while before we left Berns.
I got to bed late yesterday and woke up late too. The feeling of emptiness came knocking at the door but I´ve felt the feeling before and I´m not afraid of it. I think it has to do with the fact that I put my soul out everytime I play and then it´s out there somewhere in the audience for them to play with like a juggling ball.
But though I have this feeling I also feel a lot of satisfaction over how magic the night was.
Now it´s time to do nothing for tonight, tomorrow is another day when I hope to wake up full of joy.

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