”If I say So!”

This is my latest musicvideo ”If I say so”.
I recorded it in Linköping. First we filmed were outside a monastery. I danced to a cd-player with the song ”If I say so” and jumped around on rocks. After awhile some angry people came out and told us they wanted to be alone in the monastery. We continued to film in a hospital. I jumped up from a dustbin and danced in a tunnel. We also filmed some scenes outside. It was really cold!
I danced around in Linköping while people stared at us. I was kind of crazy jumped around on everything. 🙂
I also found a friend that wanted to join me in the video.
I composed the song and Anders Dannvik produced it. Anders is known for writing songs to the Song Contest.
Fredrik Ek filmed it.
Check it out!

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