Recordings with Gärdestad

On Thursday I saw Kenneth Gärdestad (Teds brother). He wrote all Teds lyrics and won a lot of prices with his music. He was also one of the composers in the Eurovision Song Contest two years ago,
Now he works as an arcitect and write lyrics only when something makes him inspired.
He has a really beutiful house and we went down into the basement to his studio where Teds piano is. The studio had a really nice design with some guitars on the wall, a sofa, one of the worlds first digital piano and some computers. It was a great feeling playing on Teds piano though it was a quite hard piano, the keys were not very touch sensitive. I played some of my songs and Kenneth gave me some comments after each song. He like my up-tempo songs best. We choose three songs that I recorded for him to put lyrics on. His son recorded it with only a Microphone and the piano straight into the computer. A demo just for him to hear the tunes.
Then he said to me ”Now I have to have some wine-drinking evenings if there is to be any lyrics”. It will be exciting to see if there will come up something.
I have a cold right now. I am so happy I got it yesterday cause I performed all weekend. On Friday I played flute at a funeral and Saturday I sang and played the piano. Straight after the cold broke out. I´m glad it happened today cause I don´t have any performances right now.

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