Playing at Waterfront tomorrow

Tomorrow I have a performance at Waterfront Hotel in Stockholm. i will play the piano and this time I´m not going to sing at all. It´s more common for me with gigs where I sing and play but I love the variation. This performance is for people walking by that wants to have some mingle music. The Company that hired me has arranged some gigs for me. Last time I played at Kungsholmen for SJ (who governs the trains), then I both played and sang. It´s really difficult to choose songs since I have so many scores to choose from!! I have to big jazzbooks and a lot af papers with songs and scores! I will try to get a little variation but mostly I will play peaces that people can recognize. I practised some hours today and it will be fun tomorrow. Unfortunately this gig is not public, it´s only for invited. But there will be more gigs…. 🙂

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