… to everyone who came to my concerts!

I´m very happy that so many came despite the nice weather.
When we came to St Eriks kapell for Thursday´s performance I was a bit chocked. They didn´t have any microphone there!
I thought it would be very difficult to manage without it, specially since the church was full of people!
But I got surprised because they heard me very fine because of the fine acoustics in the church.

One funny thing was that I lost one of my Sheet-Music both days! But I played without the paper and it worked.
I play the piano so much that it can´t really be a problem!
Theese weeks I have played A LOT! Several hours everyday!

Now I´m going to Växjö on vaccation for a week.

If you look three posts down you can see that I´m composing music to a film about homeless people. The film is made by my friend André Fagerman.
Here is a trailer for it…

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