Shades of red

Now it´s official!

Sofia o fläta

I´m having a releaseconcert at 12 April, together with Svante Thuresson as guest artist. Claes Crona will play the Grand piano and Emma Lindhamre on Cello. It´s my first album and will be called ”Shades of red”. The music will be very personal, I recorded everything myself to make it really trustworthy and real. Great musicians are involved, musicians that I really admire for their presence and musicality. The Cd includes my latest song with Roger Pontare, the recordings I did with Janne Schaffer and also songs with Trombone and Cello. I hope you will join the concert at 12 of April.
You can buy tickets here:

Tickster Kundtjänst: 0771 – 47 70 70

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