My first review on the Album ”Shades of Red” in the newspaper!

Yes! i got my first review yesterday! Anders Tegner wrote about my album ”Shades of Red” in the newspaper ”Succé” (Success)
This is what he wrote:
”Sofia Ullman, Shades of Red. I have to tell you about this CD. Sofia, who´s only connection to Nyköping is that she was a soloist with a choir here in Nyköping, has released a real piece of art! You can listen to ”Måla mig i akvarell” (paint me with watercolors) where Kenneth Gärdestad wrote the lyrics (Ted Gärdestads brother). Beside that song Sofia composed the whole album herself. On two of the songs she gets guitar accompaniment from Janne Schaffer (a famous guitarist who played with ABBA and other artists). The duet ”A lifetime” which she sings with Roger Pontare (A famous singer in Sweden that won Eurovision twice) should Disney instantly book to their next movie. Organizers, bring Sofia to Nyköping soon!

Hurra! Jag fick min första recension igår! I tidningen Succé som ges ut i Nyköping skriver Anders Tegner om skivan ”Shades of Red”. Nedan kan ni läsa recensionen.

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Läs recensionen direkt i tidningen. 

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