Coming up after vacation on Rhodos….

Today I´ll write in english. I just came back from Rhodos today. I manage a week witrhout my piano, wow! 🙂
Right now I´m looking at a date and place to release my music video. It should be soon now when the video is finally ready.
Next week I´m gonna meet a really good producer (he composed and produced songs for Eurovison song contest) and we are gonna choose among my songs to produce a single. I will play and sing for him about 15 favourite songs and then we´re gonna choose. It will be exciting.
I also have to set another goal for my practicing. Some new songs, flute playing and piano. I will see if I can be creative and write new songs too.
Maybe it will be Greekmusic now when I have been to Rhodos. 🙂
Tomorrow I start a dancecourse but will see if I get the time to compose before.

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