Promotion meeting

Yesterday I had a meeting with the promotor Anders Westin. Anders helps artists to reach out through radio, TV, papers and others. He is  patient to make sure that the artists is shown in media that is good for their image. Right now he is in Stockholm for Björn Skifs show in Globen and we had a meeting during his visit.
It was a good meeting and we talked about music, the future and the songs that I produced with Anders Dannvik. Now we will cooperate and see where it leads us. I cannot talk so much about this before I know what will happen. Like always. 🙂
Soon it´s Cristmas and I will concentrate in composing and practicing as much as I can. Hopefully I will do some streetdance too. Tomorrow and Wednesday I have my last days at work and I will play the piano in a church and in a school. That will be fun. I also did arrangements for violin on three songs and I hope it will be beutiful and make people cry, in a good way. Hehehe

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