New songs and new instrument

It´s Christmas Holidays and right now I´m really concentrating on composing. Every day I try to come up with something new and I notice that my demands for the quality are getting higher. I listen a lot to other composers, mostly pop to get some inspiration and then I take the inspiration and do something with it but with Sofia Ullmans touch on it. 🙂
I also started to play the bass. In the beginning it sounded awful with 20 other keys ringing at the same time. But now it starts to get better when I noticed I have to use all my fingers on the strings. I am not patient at all but at the same time very stubborn so lets see what happens….
When I don´t play the piano, flute or bass or sing I go to a locale here in the basement of the appartement with my neighbour and we dance. We do free training and come up with a lot of steps, trying to develope our own styles. We dance streetdance and I mostly dance popping. I think we might go there today again cause dancing is so fun……

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