New arrangements

This month I got some new arrangements. One is to play with a Bluegrass band and to be their soloist. Another arrangement is for a guy that wrote a song that played in Radio in Germany, he wants to have a collaberation with me and another musician that wrote the main theme for the tv serie ”Skilda Världar”. He also wants me to play at a mass that is about relations. We haven´t made any decitions yet. We talked about it and I think it sounds interesting. We will see what happens. So no names here on the web yet. 🙂
I wrote some new songs but I most say that I get more and more picky about them. I will relax that and try not to judge them before they are finish. That´s what I advice other composers so it´d be stupid if I don´t follow my own advice. The thing is that if I start to question the music before finishing it will never be complete….
My practice in playing bass is sat on ice right now. Maybe I will bring it up later.

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