I have started to see an artistcoach. His name is Micke Nystedt. He ask me questions about my music, my goals, my image and others. He makes me ”face myself” and it´s quite scary but really really good. We have had 2 meetings. The first time he asked a lot of questions and told me things about setting goals and others. The second time we made up a plan for my goals and he gave me some homework too. He also made me think a lot about who I want to be as an artist and why. It´s very interesting and I find it more exhaustive than going to the psychologist becuase I associate my music with myself. We have already reached far in our process to the goal and now I have to be focused and go for it. But I love to do it so it will be mostly fun hard work. Next meeting Micke will listen to some of my new songs. I will play them by the piano and I really look forward to it. To communicate with music feels more natural than with words sometimes….. I think everybody should go to Micke to face themselves, he is really good! AND I really believe that this is the right way to reach my dreams.

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