A big developement

This Monday I had an interesting meeting again with my artist coach Micke Nystedt. He is really dedicated as he helps me. We had discussions about my audience, my image as an artist and record labels. We also prepered for meetings with people in the music business. We made a list with a lot of questions that I want to have an answer to from competent music people. Micke also has a lot of knowledge from the musicbusiness as he worked on the radio station RIX FM, as a promotor on EVA REcords and as a judge on Fame Factory. Therefor he has a lot of good advice for me about where to put the effort as an artist. One thing that he really made me realize is how important it is to know how to promote myself as an artist both when it comes to my image and my goals. Goals are really important to get there, and of course a plan for it. That´s what we mainly do and every time we take a big step forward. Once again, I am so glad to have Micke as a support and I see a big developement with this coaching.

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