Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö

This Saturday was the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. The Event Agency ”Initiativ” called me to ask if I could play at an after party for this event. so I did. They got my number through the Artist booker Claes at ”Call you net”. He is booking artists worldwide.
The airplane was cancelled for some reason so I had to take the train. I arrived around three in Malmö and after checking in at a hotel I went to the place where the event would take place, Hillton Hotel.
I did some soundcheck and preparations before the gig. There was a mic and a digital piano and beside the digital piano was a real piano that really tempted me. But I took the digital one to make sure the sound would be loud and clear with the amplifier. The guests arrived around ten and I started to play. For about 2 hours I played Eurovision Songs, pop, my own songs, ballades and others. It´s really important to save my voice when I do this kind of performances. I had sang all the week for several hours so today I didn´t sing at all before this gig.
Afterwords I felt satisfied with it and went back to my hotel.
After another cancelled plane I took the plane home Yesterday morning and now I´m at home and I got some good words from the Event Agency that hired me so it feels great.
Soon I will go to rehearsal with my band for a gig next week. Then we will play my own songs, it will be so fun!
This weekend I´m going away to record another video. Will tell you more about it later…. 🙂

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