New musicvideo

The making of my new musicvideo took place in Linköping. We started to film at a cemetery. We had a CD-player and we put the song on repeat and played it loud so I could get the groove while I was dancing. I dance around and jumped up and down beetween some big stones. Beside the cemetery was a monastery where people go to relax and get away from the stress and loud Environment. We didn´t know that and in a second we heard an angry nun standing at the entrence scolding at us. We could not stay there but before leaving we had to get a good take. Then we walked 100 meter away and filmed by the Sea for awhile.
The sun was on it´s way down so we left the Sea to go to a Hospital.
At the Hospital we went down to the floor to film at a culvert. We had quite fun there filming me writing notes and throw them down from the highest ground and down to the floor.
The place was quite dusty and dirty. We found a garbage can with wheels on and I got into it, went down sitting in it and when it stopped I jumped up of it and started to dance.
I hope this scene will be part of the video, cause it was really fun.
Then I danced on the floor and finally I run and danced in a tunnel with strong lights before going home.

The next day we went to Norrköping. I started to dance an a small bridge, while people stared and was curious what we where doing. It was really cold so between the takes I had to get some clothes on to survive… 🙂 We walked by the water and continued the filming. I had so much adrenalin that I started to jump up on things. We ended the shots on a really sunny bridge and I played and danced by a cool  window.
We walked to some cliffs and took some pics and then I sang the song to the CD-player to get some closeups.
The last place we went to was a street in the centre of Norrköping. People were walking up and down on the streets and it started to get really cold. We filmed at one of the a streets and as I started to dance there was an Alcoholic that got really amused by the music and started to dance with me. He was really good at it, I wish all the other terrified people that stared could have joined. We had so fun! Then I continued and I got some people to get involved in the video as I walked by.
The adrenalin and excitement of recording this made me not feel the coldness outside so much but afterwards my lips were blue and we were done.
I love to be in  front of the camera, it just feels great.
Now I´m back home again.
The video will be edited and then you can see it here at the ”music” page.

For everyone who wants to here my latest songs: On Wednesday Sofia Ullman Band performes at Sothside Pub in Zinkennsdamm, Hornsgatan 104.
This time my brothers are joining me on the stage and also a friend. I will play the piano and sing.
We´re getting on at 21. You are so welcome! 🙂

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