About the weekend

I am very frustrated right now. My Cubase doesn´t work.  Cubase is the music program where I record all my songs. I have a job that I really need to do so I hope it will be fixed soon. I am not tecnical at all so I´m glad to have a tecnical brother. 🙂
I´ve got some new performances coming up. Some of theese jobs comes from a booking agency and some I got from contacts. They are not public, but for specially invited guests.
This Friday I had a nice meeting with Christoofer Lindberg, he works at Kotte Management. (They have artists like Eldkvarn, Micke Rickfors and tommy Nilsson) He takes care of artists, their jobs and performances and helps them to get things right and he also work with their image.
So since he was in Stockholm we met in town. We talked about the music business and what is happening right now in the music world. It´s so interesting to here him speak about his work. He seem to do a fantastic job with theese artists! That was a good meeting and we will see what happens next in the music world….
Soon I will go to sleep cause tomorrow is another day of practice. Good night you night owls! 🙂

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