Going on right now

Right now is a week off from work and activities. That gives me even more time for the music. I have some musical assignments that I have to preper. Tomorrow I will play on a funeral. I will play Sicillienne by Maria Theresia on flute and sing a ”Make me smile” by Steve Harley, and some other flutemusic. On Tuesday I will perform for politicians, I will have about three hours to sing and play so I preper a lot for it this week. I also want my voice to be in a good shape for performances so I practise a lot to a ”warm up your voice” cd.
Besides that I´m very into filmmusic right now. I wrote an instrumental works this morning and I sang the part of the strings out loud together with my piano Accompaniment. I have always loved filmmusic so I will continue with the work tomorrow, with a clear head. Sometimes I have so many tones that I have to wait until I´m more ”empty as a blank paper” again.

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