Performance at the Opera House

I should have written the day after my performance but the thing is that I got a bad cold and it was worse the day after….
On Tuesday I had the performance at the Opera House in Stockholm. Some hours before going there I was at home feeling quite sick. I got a bad cold and wondered if I would be able to perform at all. I had, fever, cough and runny nose…. But – stubborn as I am – I decided to go through with it. I got there at six for a soundcheck. As soon as I saw the nice wiew of the Sea outside the window and the lovely piano, my cold felt like gone with the wind for awhile. The Sound Engineer did a good job putting up a mic, mixertable and set the sound. The piano I was playing at was really lovely, especially with that wiew! After the sound was set I sat and waited awhile and soon I heard the sound of a voice from the room next to mine. It was the voice of the swedish singer Lisa Nilsson (Himlen runt hörnet). She did her soundcheck before her performance that would take place there in a couple uf hours.
At seven the politicians came and I started to play. I played covers and my own material, mostly calm songs. The politicians were mingeling arond and talking. At eight I had a brake and then I started again after Lisa Nilsson was done with her performance at eleven. I continued playing covers and my own material. At the end I felt the cold and played some instumental piano solos to save my voice. I was supposed to play til twelwe but since the politicians came back from the Lisa Nilsson gig a little bit later I continued my performance later, til halv past twelwe. It was quite long performance and I´m amazed what the body can do. Even though I was really ill before I started to play, it was like my body ”put itself togheter” and thought ”I can do this”. I don´t think anyone could here I got a cold.
The day after I was a little bit worse but today it´s Saturday and I´m almost well now.
Yesterday they called me from Fonus Funeral Company and told me one of their employees was really impressed with my insert this Friday when I played at a funeral. She told me they had about 400 funerals a week so it was really remarcable that he had recommended me. I was of course really happy to hear that. Tonight I´ll relax and make sure to be completely well so that I can sing again… 🙂

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