Janne Schaffer

Yesterday Janne Schaffer was here to record guitar on two of my songs. He has a busy schedule but he came here between his touring. His reverb on the amplifier was broken so he had to play without, his amplifier is huge by the way. I wanted the sound to be as much ”Janne” as possible so I put a mic in front of the amplifier instead of making a clean sound and then put on effects.
After soundcheck and put levels right we started to record. He played the first song twice. I sat and enjoyed it. I only had one pair of  headphones that I gave him so I couldn´t here the song only his guitar. I could here he put his soul in it. Afterwards he look at me as if he had given me his heart on a silverplate. That is what it feels like for a real musician to play…..
He recorded the other song and I asked him to play as fragile as he could. The song is about people that needs a lot of attention and comfirmation. He played again with his soul and then he looked at me with a shy glance as though he´d ask ”Was this good enough?”.
I think it this will be a perfect match for my songs. Now I have to take the songs a step further. I´m just going to cut it and mix it while enjoying his recording…..

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