Theese last weeks have been completely filled of practicing and mixing songs.
I have mixed the songs that Janne Schaffer played on and it took some weeks for me to be pleased with the mix. Now I will send it to Björn Bergdahl for mastring. (shortly explanation: put the levels on the song so you can play it on a stereo).
I also spent a lot of time to practice and choose songs for my performance at Berns. Besides me and the piano there will be a cellist playing so I will do an arrangement for her. I might have some other musicians, but it´s not set yet.
There will also be a secret guestartist. 🙂
Monday to Friday I was in Växjö without any music at all, I was going mad. Now when I´m back I have to play more than ever to make up for lost time….
I have a book where I note how much I practise. I have predetermined how much I should practice every week. Believe it or not but I do have weeks off too. 🙂
Tomorrow is another week and I will focus on celloarrangements, practicing my songs and some musicpieces for a funeral on Friday.
Well, time to leave for now but I´ll be back here soon to tell you the latest…..

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