Concert and video

Now all the arrangements for the cello are done and I just have to record them. My concert on Berns are closing in.
One of my other projects are the making of a musicvideo with Janne Schaffer. We will go to a church on Monday to record it. We will do two songs. One that will only be filmed and one that is a little bit more like a story.
I had a meeting with Anna Hjortsberg that will record it and we went to two different churches to see wish one would suit the video. One of them was very dark but looks really good, it looks more like an old-fashioned church and it has great painted pictures on the windows. The other church is more modern and it´s very bright and has lamps instead of candles. We choose the modern church because of the light. It would be hard to record with the other light, we would have needed several lamps.
We will do other scenes too, my little brother works on a place where they have spotlights and smoke machines on a stage, so we will probably use it too.
Now the church and the people are booked for Monday and we are ready for a hopefully sunny day.

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