Filming Janne Schaffer in a church

We filmed some musicvideo scnenes yesterday with Janne Schaffer. Anna Hjortsberg filmed and Jens Bock helped us rig up the scene.
Anna came to me in the morning and helped me with make up and hair. I borrowed a dress that would be nice in the church environment. I called Janne and said we would arrive at 12.30. Then I burned a cd and we left a little to late. Janne stood at the stairs of his house and waited as we arrived. He had three different jackets to wear in the video, but we choose a black really cool silk jacket.
After picking him up we went to the church in Viksjö. We arrived there too late of course because we were already late. So the church were closed. We had to call every number we could get to find someone to open.
Finally we got a positive answer from Jens Bock. It would take a while for him to get there so Janne and I left to have lunch while Anna watched all our stuff and waited for Jens.
When we came back to the church they were in the process of rigging. They sat up a quite bright scene and then we started to film.
I had the two songs on a cd and we played along very quiet, just to sync with the music.
We went on for an hour or two, Janne had such a passion in his play and Anna filmed it all.
Then we left the church, got Janne home to Bromma and went to a center nearby. Anna filmed me in an Escalator going up and we had to wait for people to go away.
We also filmed a café were it was remarkable sunlight.
Afterwards we were both really tired. The time was late and we went home.
Now we´re planning for next scene.

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