I dissapered for two weeks and composed

I have been sick for a couple of weeks now. Everybody get´s a cold in the springtime, but now I´m well again.
I sang and played on a funeral this Friday and it was the first time in two weeks that I dared to take a ton, considering my cold. The performance was alright but in the end of the song my voice broke down and gave up. Out came three quite unpleasent tones. I think nobody noticed except the Cantor but for me it was a disaster…
I have been working a lot on Kenneth Gärdestads song. I wrote a melody to it and then I wrote another one since I wasn´t satisfied with it. Then I wrote some more melodies and today I wrote the final song, cause this one is a really nice melody I think. I´m gonna keep it (I hope Kenneth likes it too).
I have some performances this Summer and I think I will play this song then. It is in Swedish and it´s quite scary to sing in swedish when I´m used to english. The words feels so close and naked… But it´s a really good song he wrote…

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