Inspiering week

Kenneth Gärdestad is a great song writer or maybe I should say lyricist. He wrote all of his brother Ted Gärdestads songs and also two of Teds melodies ”Jag vill ha en egen måne” and ”Hela världen runt”. I met him this Thursday to learn to know him better and then we´ll see if we will do something musical together. He is very nice. He works as an arcitect and musician, about 50-50 %. He told me ”I think that it´s important to have a life outside the music, otherwise I don´t experience enough to write about”. We talked for a couple of hours and I was quite taken by his life story.
Made me think a lot….
Yesterday I joined Svante Thuresson and Claes Crona on a concert. Svante is an artist who has been active for many years as a jazz, Sclager, and ballad singer. He had a concert on a jazzclub yesterday. I know his pianist Claes Crona, who is also an artist booker. Claes is one of the best swedish jazzpianists and he booked this concert in Täby on this jazzclub. Claes likes what i do and I like what he does, though we have different styles. He wanted me to come and see them and of course I would love to! It came quite much people. Svante sang jazz standards like ”Waltz for Debbie” and ”People who need people”. He has a fantastic voice and the audience seemed happy.
Then they gave me their flowers (Tulips) after the concert and we went home. It gave me inspiration to see how they work before, during and after the concert.

I took a day off today and focused on reading about how to practise….
Here are some pics from the concert.

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