To excited after gigs!

Yesterday I had a performance on a charity in Stockholm. I played and sang lovesongs, since it´s Valentine´s day very soon.
I played very known songs in swedish and some english. The audience seemed to like it and I liked it so much that when I got back home I had a really hard time calming down.
I tried to drink tea, reed a book, watch tv, listen to something boring, tence myself and then relax, play with my mobile… I tried a lot but still I was to excited to get to sleep. This night I sleept like 2 hours so I´m really tired now!
It´s not the first time this happens and every time I wonder how! How does people calm down after gigs?? Seem to be impossible…
I have three more gigs this week and I hope it will be easier to be relaxed after. I really love to perform, maybe a little to much…? Or is this some kind of after-nervous reaction…?

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