Performing at Berns, Waterfront and a church

After the gig with love songs I performed at a funeral. The Cantor was ill so I had to play with another Cantor who really had no clue about modern music. The only songs he could play where hymns. I gave him two famous musical songs (Guldet blev till sand, Gabriellas sång) and he played them very strange. He didn´t play the chords that was written down and he played both songs as hymns. I tried to follow him with my song. Though it was really hard and I thought the Assembly would complain – but they loved it! Amazing!!
After that I had a performance on Friday playing at Swedish ”Chef of the year”. I played jazzsongs for 3 hours at Waterfront in Stockholm and then I had a break and continued playing more popsongs at Berns. The owner and Founder of the Beer Spendrups, Spendrups himself came up on stage and introduced the winner of this competition after my performance.
I think this was my longest performance totally since I played over four hours all by myself sitting by the piano during the day.

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