Dangerous dancing

Hi! I´m sorry I didn´t write for such a long time! Last week I had an accident.
I was taking my dance classes as usual and on the third class I danced house. The teacher told us to go down on the floor and do some freestyle exercises. I danced and danced and suddenly I felt a shoe coming straight at my face with a hugh force!
I sat down and my nose started to bleed. In a moment I had the whole dance-class standing around me in a circle. They gave me paper and patch. It continued bleeding for awhile and it felt really scary. My nose got a wound and it was sore.
The days after it continued being sore and I got blue/purple marks under my eyes. I saw the doctor and he told me nothing was broken so I´m really glad. Now I feel normal again but it took awhile and on top of that I got a cold.
Now I can come back to reality and music again and I will definitly go back to dancing despite what happened!

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