New projects

Easter break is here. I will focus a lot on new songs and two programs for the Summer.
The first program is for my performances at churches. I will have three performances, one with my cellist Emma Lindhamre.
We will play famous singer songwriting songs and some of my material.
The second program is for my performance togheter with Roger Pontare and Claes Crona. It will be really fun to have a show with them. Last year I played a few songs before their performance but this year we´re doing it togheter. I´m looking forward to it. I will put together a program with singer/songwriting and jazz songs and I might pic some songs that Roger and I can sing together. I composed a song for us too.
Another subject I´m working on is a new band I started with the artist Jayce Landberg. We have a song that we will do a musicvideo of. We´re planning a lot for the video. It´s nice to have someone to cooperate with cause I often do everything by myself since I am a soloartist and play the piano and sing myself.

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