Gig in Göteborg with The Ullmans

This weekend I was in Göteborg with my brothers. We performed for a company named BASF where my sister works. We performed all day from 12 to 23 so it was one of my longest gigs ever!
It was to performances, one from 12 to 16 and the other at 19 to 23. The first gig made us nervous because just when we where about to start the electricity where overloaded in the tent and we had to wait so they could fix the problem.
Half an hour later the electricity was back and we could play.
The other gig was in big a restaurant where they had cars all ower the place. The company sell spray paint for cars, that´s why they had all cars there.
It was a nice gig. It is to seldom I play with my brothers! We have so much fun when we hang out!

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