New York and the Summer

I will write this in english since my news includes some stuff fromNew York.
I didn´t write for quite awhile cause I´m on vacation.

First I stayed at home, playing the piano and flute. I set up times for practicing with some friends playing other instruments, but they´re on vacation too so it didn´t work very well to find appointments.
I went to New York with my friend Sara just for fun. I brought some of my songs on only one piece of paper, and it was filled with chords to memorize the hardest parts.
The musicians in New York are really something compare to swedish musicians. I mean technically Swedes are ok but when they performed over there you could see that their whole body was moving along, really feelin it!
One day we met a new friend. He´s name is Keith Johnston and he has a really groovy band called Color 4. Keith took us to a piano and I got to play and sing. Keith is a really good singer and made good parts to it. His main instrument is guitar.

Keith brought us to his friend Cliff Hicks house. Cliff has a studio where I recorded my song ”1000 miles”. It´s a powerballad and I recorded lead(song), piano, strings and parts that I made up while recording.
Now the song was ok but it still needs some mixing, and Cliff will look at it before sending it here.
I now I will go back there to perform, just have to set the date.

I came back to Sweden and started to play all the scores I bought in N Y. I get more involved with jazzmusic now after bying a huge jazzbook and other stuff like crossflute scores and I even bought drumscores.

I talked to my producer again. (For you who doesn´t know he produced the cd for Cornelis Wreeswiijk called ”I elfte timmen” and he is a fenomenal guitarplayer.) His name is Per Alm. He is still a little bit worried that we have different taste in music and he´s not convinced how we could produce my music if we don´t agree. We have discussed it and reached the decision that we´ll try one song and see if it works.
We will meet again on Tuesday.

Right now I´m buying a new studio with some help from good advicers. I love to arrange my  compositions and I usually did it in other studios but now I want to have my own stuff so I can play with my ideas and passém over.
On Sat I will play the piano on a Wedding. Got it today from people telling me that the cantor deserted.

Promise to write again soon. 🙂

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