What´s up 10 September?

That is the date for my releaseparty. It will be a fun party at the hotel Quality Win in Haninge at 19 in the evening. Come and join us!
Yesterday I saw the producer that will record about 3 of my songs. (Don´t wanna tell his name yet til everything is set).
I performed 8 songs for him by the piano in the studio, and the rest on cd. The songs that I find possible candidates for my coming cd. We complitely had the same opinion about which songs to pick. He also had some interesting comments about how to make the music fit in to my voice, that made me think. I like to get that kind of challenge to think about, that makes me grow a lot and develope the music. I never buy peoples comments instantely without thinking them through, cause if I did I wouldn´t be an individual anymore. (People have A LOT of opinions). He made some really good points though. We will start the recordings in a month, so I might write another song til then.
Hmmm, my musicvideo should drop in my postbox any time now, I have to go and check…..

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